Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'M BACK.. :)

Hi everyone.. Hope every body's in great condition. AS for me, I'm perfect.. :) I went to a hospital and I enrolled myself to the Basic IVT course.. That will be on June 4 and 5.. Wish me luck.. I'm thrilled to be back to a hospital after a year I think.. :) Honestly, and really funny thing is I missed its smell.. :) I missed doing rounds, taking vital signs, endorsements, in short, I miss being a NURSE.. :(
On the lighter note, I got lots of products in line to review.. Most of them (I think all of them) are Korean cosmetics, and skin care line.. :) I'm really excited.. I can't promise when will I be doing my reviews but my Target date will be the first or second week of June.. :)
Hope all is well..