Wednesday, September 15, 2010


yey! my first post here.. :)
instead of studying and doing my requirements, i decided to post a blog.. :)

at first, this site was created as a resource for swatches, reviews, and other beauty and fashion related topics.. :)

I found many blogs with very nice and reliable information about the cosmetics i want to purchase and beauty dilemmas that i have.. :) all of which are helpful and helped me made good decisions.

So let me start by introducing myself. I am Camille, 22 years old and a nurse by profession. I am currently pursuing my post graduate studies, to earn more credentials (the competition in the nursing industry is quite big these days). I am a "major major" kikay and love to dress up.. :)

My current addiction: online shopping.. :) I find it hard to resist.. I have been trying to control myself, but because of the good reviews that i read about the cosmetics that i am lemming on i always end up buying and found myself saying, this will be the last (which i heard from myself many times,, :) ).

i promise, i will be in a no buy period for  two months.. (hope this one will be kept.. )

My latest online buys were a nyx cream blush (natural) from sis sol and  korean cosmetics from a korean seller in ebay which i am currently waiting for.. :) i am so excited.. :)

bye for now.. :)

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