Wednesday, February 9, 2011

curly hair + tailored trousers + oxfords = comfy.. :)

Hi everyone.. It's been a while since my last (and first) post here.. :)
I promise to catch up this year.. I have lots of skin care and cosmetic products waiting to be reviewed.. :)
And there will also be some random stuffs that I will be posting and will eventually do some reviews.. 
I got a new baby, Tres (my lumix lx3) that gives me nice shots perfect for blogging and business (since I have an online shop that caters vintage and brand new clothing plus accessories. Link at the sidebar :p) ..

For the mean time, here is an outfit that is really comfortable for me. 

white shirt from Get Laud, trousers from tokyothriftstore( multiply), bag from Sophie Martin, woven belt from  SM department store and oxford shoes from Ichigo shoes.

I love wearing plain shirts.. :) please be warned that you will be seeing more plain shirts on my future posts.. 
I also love wearing flats and this oxford is one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn in my entire life.. 
The trousers is thrifted but I bought it online, i love the way it fits me - not too tight, and not too loose.. :) I am not into dresses but recently I gained interest since reality hit me that I am not getting any younger and I must try many things before it's too late.. :) So, aside from plain shirts, expect dresses.. 

That's all for now.. promise my next post will be a review.. :) 
Have great week everyone.. :) 


  1. HI Camille,

    thanks for following back :)
    I love plain shirts too! I'm in the need for more, sometimes good ones are hard to find. Some plain shirts have necklines that get stretched out of shape. Looking forward to more posts!


  2. I think the photo is great! Please post more. Super cute and very nice fashion sense.

    Is it OK to repost this photo with a link back to your blog on a fashion site I am working on?

    Also, please feel free to post there as well if you like. The site will be officially launched at the end of the month, and it would be great to have a few more photos from you.

    Thanks in advance.

    Chris Robinson

  3. your curly hair is really cute!

    btw, check out my contest/giveaway if you're interested

  4. Hello!~ Cool outfit~ You turned that plain shirt into FAB!!!~ love it!! I just followed your blog!! Kawaii! ^.^ Please check out my blog~ Im just starting too~ hehe! Thank you!! ^.^

  5. Hello thanks for following back!~ really appreciate it! I will visit your blog more often~ hihi! Please keep in touch~ ^.^

  6. I love your outfit! Thanks for following my blog! :)

    followed yours too.

  7. Hellos Camille,

    Luvss the curly hair +outfit.....and the "plain" tshirt does NOT look plain on you at all...because u accessorize and match it pretty well!!so chic! =)

    *i want a Lumix Lx3 too!! it easy to use?like user friendly?..hehe..cuz' im kinda stupid in tech stuff (-_-)"

    **Cute and nicee blog...thanks for dropping by..I'll be waiting for your reviews on the Etude products and followed u also..(^_^)**

  8. Hi janet.. Sorry for the late reply..

    Thanks for following back and for appreciating my attempt to post a fashion blog.. :)

    Hate to admit it but, I'm not that tech-y myself.. until now, I don't know how to properly use my cam.. haha.. but the shots are superb, i love 'em.. It's very easy to use and very handy, you can take it anywhere.. :)

    Will wait for your reviews as well.. God bless..

  9. @ Iya: thanks.. love your outfits on your posts too.. :)